Ipek Jacobs

Ipek Jacobs

Hey everyone! My name is Ipek Jacobs. I am from Ankara, Turkey. I studied Tourism and Hotel Management, Bilkent University in Turkey. For years, worked in different restaurants and hotels as a line and banquet cook. Basically, I have been working different parts of kitchen. Always love to cook for my family and other people too!

As a result of working at different kitchens and cooking for different people, plus my love of cooking this leads me to learn many different cuisines and recipes.

Now it is time for me to share my cooking love with all of you. In this website I am going to share every kind of recipes from Turkish cuisine to all other cuisines also, from healthy recipes to desserts. If you do not like to cook it is totally fine because I have recipes for you too! There are even some recipes that are belongs to me!

Go head and check my recipes, my youtube channel also you can find me on social media platforms (Pinterest, Fb, Instagram). I will like to hear from you! You can send me email and pictures of recipes you tried! Let's stay connect!